Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Facts About Lohri That You Must Know

Lohri is a standout amongst the most mainstream celebrations celebrated among Punjabis in India. The celebration is commended in Haryana, Punjab, a few sections of Delhi and Himachal Pradesh also. Not exclusively does the celebration check the finish of the winters, however it likewise denotes the start of another cultivating season. Merriments incorporate expressing gratitude toward the sun god, Surya for the inexhaustible harvests for the earlier year alongside asking for the unstoppable force of life to be benevolent, the next year. This year Lohri falls on January 13 .

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1. Prior, Lohri was praised on winter solstice, the longest night and most limited day of the year (December 21 and 22). In any case, in the long run it wound up denoting the finish of the winters (mid January, in India).

2. There are a few legends with reference to why the celebration was named Lohri. Some say, it symbolizes warmth and fire. A few legends say the celebration was named after Loi, the name of holy person Kabir's better half.

3. Another explanation behind observing Lohri was a saint, Dulla Batti, who is thought to be the Robin Hood of Punjab. He spared the lives of a few young ladies, who were oppressed and sold by the Mughals. He protected and raised a few such young ladies as his own particular and even got them wedded to reasonable grooms. His brave demonstrations are said in legends and regarded amid Lohri.